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Edmonton Dance Lessons

Not many people are aware that dancing can be more than just an interest or hobby. Aside from the enjoyment that one can experience while grooving and swaying on the dance floor, dancing also has a lot of benefits in several aspects, including one’s physical, social, and psychological health.

Why learn how to dance? For you to understand why it’s good for you to get dance lessons, here are some of the benefits of dancing.

1. One of the more obvious benefits of dancing is its being good for one’s physical health. Being a physical activity that involves a lot of bodily movements, dancing allows one to stay fit and healthy. With proper breathing and body exercises, dancing is good for the heart, respiratory system, brain, muscles, joints, bones, and many other body parts. It can strengthen muscles, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation, among others.

2. It’s a good and enjoyable way of losing weight. Dancing helps one to stay fit. It allows one to burn fat and have more room for muscles.

3. Dance improves one’s concentration and coordination. That includes having better control on one’s body, good timing, poise and grace in one’s movements.

4. Dancing improves one’s social skills. It boosts one’s confidence and allows one to mingle with other people, making one sensitive to other people’s needs, actions, and mood.

5. It is also good for the brain, since it keeps the brain busy with a lot of tasks at once. It keeps the brain active, enhancing one’s memory and serving not just as a physical but also as a mental exercise.

Now, to be able to attain those benefits, you have to have the right training from the right people. And on that job, there’s no better studio than Dominic and Delphine’s Elite Dance Studio.

Why Choose Elite Dance Studios?

- Owned and operated by 8-time Canadian Ballroom Dance Champions Dominic Lacroix and Delphine Romaire.
- Beautiful, newly-renovated studio with 2 dance floors, in convenient downtown location.
- State-of-the-art music system and library that is always accessible to the students.
- The most qualified international syllabus instructors in Edmonton.
- Provide beginner and social dance instruction as well as high level competition trainning.

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